OUR Process

A brief outline of how we do things


Process planning

At Effective Engineering, we believe in the importance of planning. We take responsibility for initial planning and process forecasting to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.


Material purchasing

We only purchase and use materials with proper certifications. We believe in using materials of good quality in manufacturing.



Our Program Engineers are well trained in using CAD/CAM & AutoCAD software. They are able to help with queries with regards to part fabrications.

Siemens NX


CNC Machining

Effective Engineering owns various multi-axis CNC machines that are able to meet the needs of customers’ part designs. The operators are trained frequently to ensure that their skills remain relevant to technological advancement.


Quality Control

We have a QC department that uses High Precision Inspection instruments such as CMM, Smart Scopes & Height Gauges to ensure each part is checked thoroughly throughout the manufacturing process with reliable accuracy.



Rest assured that your orders will be delivered to you.